Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving on

Well, I sent the message today to all the members of the Voicethread Ning that we're moving to a new Voicethread group inside the Classroom 2.0 Ning here:
It took quite a bit of time to figure out what to do.  I toyed with the idea of starting an Elgg hosted site (From @steveoc on Twitter) and I even started a Voicethread (which I'll get rid of soon).  However, the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if we need a stand-alone Ning-like site.
When I asked I remembered a few people mentioned joining another Ning group like Classroom 2.0 and I think that will work out.  Since they have a vast community of educators there already,it could be a one-stop place for educators to share ideas and connect with others about Voicethread or any other topic.
I hope this works well.  We've gotten a couple to join already today and I hope it continues to grow.