Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cellphones in the Classroom with Rick Weinberg

NYSCATE 2008 was a great experience and there were many great keynotes, 1 hour workshops and of course, plenty of see at the vendors. I guess I did not win a Wii, nor did I even win a raffle for anything!?!? Carls Law.

However, we were given a Bean...but, I haven't used mine yet!

My favorite part was Rick Weinberg's presentation on "Cellphones in the Classroom". I have waited for this one since the RFP's came out.

Even with the internet going out minutes before his presentation and for the first 15-20 minutes, Rick did a great job audibling and creating conversation among the participants, then going back to his Model Lesson on Resveratrol.
The video is below, and also has been embedded onto this wiki.

You can find all of his resources at his NYSCATE wiki.

Here are some of Rick's Web based resources to use with cellphones:

Get instant poll results for free for up to 30 participants.

Record your voice and send it as text to cellphones or to e-mail accounts.

Give people a place to send voice and text messages about your topic. It is a dropbox to get information from your students or your participants.

Rick really likes this about going through a progression of sending a text, then an e-mail, then a phone call until the message goes through to all of the people you are looking to reach.

Send ChaCha a question and have a live person search for a result and get back to you with an careful with those late night trivia questions (that can be addicting) because now you only get 20 texts for free.

I use this as well as some of my other colleagues to update sites like Plurk, Facebook and Twitter with one text being sent to multiple sources.

Great job Rick and thanks for all you've done opening our eyes to the use of cellphones in education.

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