Saturday, April 4, 2009

Long stretch

Since I'm a 12 month employee, my family scheduled our vacation around my wife's school schedule. They get the two week break in April, so we scheduled our second vacation as a family of 4. This year to Florida! We have the tickets, are finalizing arrangements this weekend and fly out Tuesday!
We can't wait, to get to sunny Florida and stay at.......a retirement community! The Villages in Lady Lake, Florida. Mostly free room and board and some relaxation.
To get here, though, required a long winter stretch with no February break. In March, we actually had pretty decent weather.
Then, this morning.....SNOW on April 4th. Of course, I remember growing up, my father saying, "It ALWAYS snows in April", so I'm not too surprised. Oh yeah, snow again when we leave on Tuesday!
I will try to write another post about the busy week I had at work and some of the things I worked on with teachers.
The one reason I remembered to come back here was because of Rick Weinberg's Tech Tip this week about QR codes. He showed us how you can get a QR 2 Dimensional code for your webpage, text, phone number or SMS from Kaywa. Rick used Liz Kolb's blog post as reference to these codes. Then, after seeing a post on Twitter by Jo Fothergill (@dragonsinger57 from New Zealand) I went and grabbed one for this blog. You can see it underneath my Twitter feeds to the right.
Here is the link to the QR Code as well:

I hope everyone gets some time off to fully recharge for the final stretch of the school year, and hopefully, I'll find more time to blog about some of the great things are teachers are doing out here.

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