Monday, June 22, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas

Disclaimer: This will be the first in a five part series. I hope to have all the information correct, please help out by leaving (or correcting) information. I know I'll miss some people, but will try to highlight many people in my PLN.
Monday: Deep in the heart of Texas

I thought I’d start off the week with my golf foursome!
First of all, I owe them, they have NO IDEA what they’re in for on Monday! Thank goodness I’ll get a round in this Thursday with friends, because the other 2 times I’ve played this year have been ugly!
Paul R. Wood

Let's begin with @paulrwood. I think I started following him after some tweets by Brian Smith. The proud Texan has been a very valuable part of my network since I started on Twitter. I saw Paul last year in San Antonio, but never introduced myself to him. Paul is the Director of Tech at Bishup Dunne High School in Texas.
When I first started playing with Ustream, I streamed Christmas morning (2007) and Paul was one of the visitors (my parents couldn’t believe someone from Texas took time out to watch the Carls Grandkids!). Since then, he’s added a great deal to my learning and probably the main person I’d like to meet face-to-face this year. I also hear he’s an amazing golfer!

Scott S. Floyd and Christine Voigt

@WOScholar and @clvoigt have both been great resources and I was able to connect to them through Paul’s influence on Twitter. Just two weeks ago I was able to watch the Area 7 TCEA Conference to be held in White Oak ISD put on by Scott and his crew at White Oak. Christine is the Instructional Tech Specialist at Bishup Dunne High School and has been another great addition.
And I must admit, I’m shaking that this crew will beat me in golf…..I’ve packed the foot wedge.

Photo courtesy of Flickr:

Next up for Tuesday: Looking for others outside the country, eh?

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Scott S. Floyd said...

Foot wedges are illegal to carry on airplanes. Just sayin'.

Glad the streams from our conference in White Oak were beneficial to you.

See you in DC.