Sunday, June 21, 2009

What do you want to get out of NECC 2009?

I was thinking of this about a month ago, but never put aside the time to start these blog posts.
"What do I want to get out of NECC 2009?"

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After being quite overwhelmed last year in San Antonio (I made it to quite a few workshops, but stayed pretty quiet) I'm hoping to meet more of my network. Even though I visited the Edublogger Cafe, I didn't introduce myself to many of the people I knew on Twitter and/or Plurk.

This year, my main goal is to make face-to-face connections with people that I communicate with on an almost daily basis. Hopefully, that will happen and I can thank all of them for their help, and the support they've given me this last year.
** However, all I've really planned (so far) are the golf and baseball outings**
By the way, I can't wait to see Camden Yards!

I'd like to know what others are looking forward to at NECC this year?
Is it to meet specific people? Seeing a certain speaker? Maybe it's the Vendors!

My plan is to try and blog the next 5 days about the people I'm hoping to meet this year. This could be difficult for me, since I've really let this blog sit over these last few months. Shhhhhh.

First up for Monday, here's a small hint.
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Not the's the hint:

"The stars are bright...."


Dean Shareski said...

I sorted this out in my mind last year. Read part 2 of this blog post.

Mark Carls said...

Thanks Dean, by the way, I liked your Father's Day blogpost. Great picture there at the end as well.