Friday, June 19, 2009

Educational Uses for Glogster?

Today on Twitter, Paula White sent a tweet to Andrew Connelly asking for a "140 word description of glogster, please :)"
The reason this caught my eye was because I've liked using Glogster to create an on-line poster or to spice up a wiki. I've also shown Glogster to a few teachers this year (at least one has the EDU account with her students and they use it quite a bit). I've also used it for my own wiki (for our daughter's 2nd Birthday part invite), and even as a colorful way to link to websites in our CA BOCES RtI wiki.
Here's a Glog I made from 'TweetShots' (Captured from Jing) that I recieved today:

I think Glogster is a neat visual way to spice things up like I said, however, just loading this page and getting back into edit have been difficult. I also know others (including one of the teachers I work with) have had it not save or upload pictures when a class full of kids were on the Glogster site.

Thanks to everyone who helped out today and to @paulawhite for distracting my from my paperwork!?!?

Actually, it was a great opportunity for me to see what others have done and HEY, I blogged again.
What do you know.

Any other ideas on how to use Glogs in the classroom (or personally)?

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Pam Thompson said...

Thanks Mark. Have been looking @ glogster and registered but wanted some ideas for using it.