Thursday, December 11, 2008

Highs and Lows

With this job and helping teachers with technology in the classroom, I'm trying to deal with the highs and lows. Everyone I work with at BOCES and in our districts have been INCREDIBLY supportive, don't get me wrong. Maybe it is just me being hard on myself, and always wanting things to work out perfectly, but it happens on a daily basis.
I help someone figure out a hidden property in the SMARTBoard and feel great, then I realize that I never figured out how to use the MiniDV camera! I guess it needs to be Finalized before you can work with the mini DV! Who knew? I hadn't used that type of camera, but I know now.

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I guess I put a great deal of pressure to know EVERYTHING about EVERY product on the spot, otherwise I get upset that I let people down. Lately I haven't even turned on my computer at home (unless it is to catch some tunes with the kids). I spend so much time trying to learn everything at work on the computer, that I'm exhausted by the time I get home. Now, that lack of energy could also be because of my less than aggressive workout schedule (mostly my excercise routine only involves Wii Bowling - but, I am a pro!). Maybe it is the time of year, I've heard from others how hard it is to get work done and to even stay awake at home after a long day. Why didn't I try to take that job out in Vegas? Oh yeah, I do truly love this area- even with the snow and cold.

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OK, I'm rambling. I did set aggressive goals in my last post, then never followed through to check on them. I have done a Voicethread project with another teacher (he set it all up and helped the students record). I helped present at that same school's Board meeting about SMART products. I've Ustreamed The Rick Weinberg at our Tech Coordinator's meeting and also at a local districts' Tech meeting - Rick had educational experts Skype in to talk, very neat.

Things are going great, the holidays are almost here, HEY, I'm still in both districts working as best as I can (and should be on more of a regular schedule with both from now on). I just need to control the ups and downs and level things out a little.

The strong and steady runner is the one who wins the race. All I need to do is try to relax and steadily improve....correct?

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