Monday, December 22, 2008

Some of my goals

Didn't quite make all of my "Proactive Goals"

1. Make it into 4 more classes to work with students and teachers (I'm thinking 2 new teachers at both schools I help out with on a weekly basis). *Did get into more classes, but still have to improve*

2. Establish one more "Global Connection" with an area teacher and a teacher from another country or state to work on a project. *I thought this might happen with Christmas, but it didn't!*

3. Connect with our Podcasting Project teachers and support/encourage them to make a meaningful podcast before the holidays. *Tim Clarke did this for me, I did talk with both of the teachers who I help in district, however*

4. Build on our Voicethread Ning group and get at least one Christmas Voicethread to share with others. Either with adults, or ideally to help get a teacher to create one with their students for parents. *I did a video of my kids, but not with students. Because of Twitter and Plurk people the Voicethread Ning is taking off and looking good lately!*

5. RELAX. Enjoy my family, get better with pictures (use Flickr more) and video. Get ready to Ustream Christmas, but to also find a great place to house videos (Google Video, YouTube, ..... taking suggestions). *Time will tell here. I do have the Ustream channel ready to go for Christmas and on one of my wikis for relatives and friends to check out....still need to get pictures uploaded, however*

I hope everyone is having a wonderful end of the year and is looking forward to a great holiday season.
Here's a new goal. Post more to this blog.....I have a few things stewing:
  • Top sites of the Year
  • Voicethread Ning for Educators
  • The Power of my PLN
  • Challenge to Oprah (or anyone) to promote useful Web 2.0 that everyone could use, but little know about.
  • SMARTBoards and Prometheans.
We'll see what the new year brings.....

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