Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Voicethread Ning

Screen capture taken from http://voicethread.ning.com/ using Jing

Well, the one thing I've been most surprised about is how our Voicethread Ning group for educators has taken off lately. Mostly thanks to tweets and plurks this past weekend.

I remember being surprised months ago that Voicethread.com did not have a Wikipedia entry. I even e-mailed them about this and thought of starting one......but, I didn't.

{It still doesn't as of December 23rd, 2008 at 10:10 am}

At the same time I was also searching some Ning sites and began to think......

"Why isn't there a Voicethread Ning Group for Educators?".

The next thing I knew I was creating one at: http://voicethread.ning.com/

I left it open to the public and had a few people join, but didn't do much with it because of more pressing concerns with that little thing I like to call a job (I'm in there somewhere) and the teachers and districts I work with.

A short time later, more people started join the VT Ning group, and after some advice I added some basic groups. I've tried to check in on it from time to time (mostly when I get an e-mail message that someone has left me a comment).

However, I never truly decided what is the best way to organize and run this site,
it has just taken off on it's own, which is what I always wanted. I'm far from a
Voicethread expert, in fact, I'm still searching for something I'm OK at?!?!

Now, however, we are up to 224 members, and you can see some great things being shared, people making connections with others, and some good conversation lgoing on like last night. Wesley Fryer made a post about VT changing the settings for educators free accounts.
Then, before you know it Lee Kolbert leaves a comment and Miguel Guhlin is posting his thoughts as well as referencing his recent blog post about this.
Great insight and information on a topic I completely missed with from Voicethread, however, it is one that will affect the way my teachers use VT!

Here is the link to the Forum post.

Screen capture taken from http://voicethread.ning.com/ using Jing

Thanks to all that have helped with our VT Ning group. I hope it continues to grow. I'm always open to thoughts and ideas on how to make this group better, more interactive and easier for members to get information and/or help.
Thanks to everyone in my PLN that are helping me learn.


Lee Kolbert said...

You did a great job creating the Ning for Voicethread and I appreciate having a central place for resources and support.
Thanks for taking the ball and running with it.

Dean Mantz said...

I am glad to see there has been a Voicethread Ning site started. Now, I just have to figure out a way to keep up with my Ning communities. Here is another Voicethread resource you may want to link to via your Ning site.

Mark Carls said...

Lee, thanks for the kind words. Dean, that wiki by Colette is a great resource to use as well. Thanks for sharing.

Susanna said...

I agree very much with Lee! Thank you so much for creating this spot for us to find ideas and help! I've just started with VoiceThread and now I've even started my own blog. Who would've 'thunk' it?!! You rock Mark!!

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