Friday, December 12, 2008

Some good sites from the week.

I haven't done this in a long time (and never here on this blog). I thought I'd share some good sites I've heard about lately. *Most have come from Twitter or Plurk*

Math Resources:
A NYS Algebra Wiki which I found after Theresa Gray (from Erie2BOCES) shared here Math wiki.

The Math Worksheet Site. Maybe a little more for elementary teachers.

Math Vids - Math videos. I did not try this one out much, but others recommended it.

I'm still looking for some good REVIEW resources for High School Math review, however. Especially for the New York State Regents exams. Their is always Regents Prep!

I was working with some great elementary teachers from Franklinville and they shared a few good elementary sites:

StarFall (the only one I had seen before)
Waltke's Web (Actually I lied, after thinking about it, I had a colleague mention this one)
Carl's Corner - They LOVED this one!
Up to Ten - I'm starting to realize why I taught HS Math.....very creative sites.
Spelling City - This one I signed up for an account, you can create you vocab words and then have the kids take a quiz or review from the list of words.
HelpKidzLearn - I need more time in the day.

How about creating and editing photos on-line?
Try SumoPaint. This one seemed like quite a hit Friday on Twitter and on Plurk. Thank you Jamiel Peters for sharing on Twitter.

Looking for on-line converters? Here are 5 of them in this blog post. I personally use Zamzar.

OK, one last one.....what to pick? I've gone over more than I wanted to already.....and no pictures? I need a picture up here as well....OK, no picture this time.

How about Shrink2One? You can take multiple URL links and send all of them via one shortened URL! I tend to use TinyURL to send just one link....why do I need to send more than one? I have no idea, but you know what?
NOW I CAN! Here is a link to 4 Social Networks I belong to and my pages mcarls

Have a great weekend everyone. Leave your own good links from the week.

That makes me think. This idea was brought about after following the incredible Dianne Krause and her blog where she showcases "Look what I found!"

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